Biosorbe Boom


Your Eco-Friendly Solution to Combat Plastic Pollution and Promote Sustainability!

Biosorbe takes sustainability a step further. Produced in Sweden. Say goodbye to harmful plastic alternatives and embrace a sustainable future. By choosing Biosorbe, you contribute to a cleaner and greener planet, leaving a positive impact on our environment for generations to come.

  • Adsorbs immediately on contact with hydrocarbons
  • Use where rapid absorption is required ie. emergency spill use.
  • 100% rapid absorbent rate with a 100% absorption to material core fill ie. does not create an oil block as a PP-filled boom.
  • Superior retention capacity, since the oil absorbs into the fibres
  • 100% biobased absorbent made by paper pulp without any toxic substances.
  • Efficient production process, regarding energy and water consumption.
  • Absorbs both bio and traditional oils, due to the innovative production process.
CO²e Biosorbe Cotton PP Sand/Concrete
CO² emissions (KG) per KG produced ,03 18 34 0,8
Climate effect CO² KG absorbed KG of oil 0,025 3,6 3,4 0,533
Times more CO²e compared to Biosorbe 144 136 21


Biosorbe is an efficient and environmentally friendly absorbent of hydrocarbons in water, air and soil. It replaces the plastic and oil-based alternatives that exist on the market today. Biosorbe efficiently absorbs oil and hydrocarbons in polluted water and air.

Composition – 100% organic core fill with certified paper pulp
Absorb capacity (in L): 10.8 L/meter. (10 cm boom).
Absorb capability:
Packaging / Palletizing: 20 packs per pallet (20 pallets on a 40´HQ)
Size: Bespoke sizes available

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